Celebrating July 4th in our country is more than a spectator sport for most of us.  On CBS News Sunday Morning today, we saw some fascinating statistics from the National Retail Federation about how we are spending this 4th of July.  So, we’re sharing them with you.

How Americans are Celebrating July 4th

  • 216 million people are celebrating our independence in some form
  • 106 million of us will attend fireworks or community events
  • 153 million will cookout or picnic
  • 150 million or more hot dogs will be eaten
  • 46.9 million people will travel over 50 miles, up 5% over last year
  • 39.7 million will go by car
  • 3.8 million by air
  • 3.5 million plan to travel by bus, train, or boat
  • #1 destination is Orlando, Florida to visit the array of theme parks in the area
  • Anaheim, California is the #2 destination
  • 60% will fly our American  flags
  • 53% of us believe that the American Dream is still attainable
  • 51% don’t really want to see someone else’s vacation pictures

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