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Personal & Commercial Insurance Solutions


How We Can HelpMake the right decisions for your family or business

No matter your situation, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best insurance program to serve your needs. 

Everyday life is complicated enough - whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, a business owner, or something in between. You don’t want to spend more time than you need to think about the what if’s:

  • What if a storm damages my house?
  • What if I get into a car accident?
  • What if I need to see the doctor regularly? 
  • What if no one will apply to work for my company?
  • What if someone gets injured on the job?

At Dean & Draper, we don’t want you to worry. Instead, our team wants you to focus on what truly matters, and we can help. Let us be your insurance advisor so we can find the best coverage available to match your needs, whether corporate or personal, at a reasonable cost. 

Discover all of the options we offer by browsing our selection of solutions below.

How We Help with Personal Insurance

Personal insurance can seem intimidating. Does your auto insurance cover your RV? What happens if your house is in a flood zone? What exactly does home insurance protect you from? The Dean & Draper personal insurance policy experts can answer all these questions and then some. When you work with us, you’re speaking with a real person who understands you, lives where you live, and will build a customized program that goes beyond a piece of paper.

Examples of personal insurance policies: 

  • Automobile and motor home/RV insurance 
  • Flood and fire insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Personal umbrella insurance 


  • Renters and condo insurance 
  • Valuable articles insurance 
  • Pet insurance 

How We Help with Commercial Insurance

Starting your business is exciting, but when it comes time to dig through insurance options, your enthusiasm may disappear. But what’s even worse is facing a catastrophe and not being prepared to handle the financial consequences. We know commercial insurance isn’t necessarily what you want to think about, but you must protect your hard work. Fortunately, our team knows this and can help you build a tailored insurance program -- at a fair price!

Examples of commercial insurance policies:

  • Transportation and commercial auto insurance 
  • Bonds and builder’s risk insurance 
  • Commercial general liability insurance 
  • Commercial property and flood insurance 
  • Professional liability and Directors & Officers insurance 


  • Worker’s compensation and commercial umbrella 
  • Contractor’s general liability insurance 
  • Employee practices liability insurance and Errors & Omissions
  • Occupational accident 

How We Help with Employee Benefits

Many employees have switched jobs in recent years because they weren’t happy with their current employer’s benefits, or they've stopped buying health insurance altogether! Without a reliable benefits program, employees may be worried they can’t invest in their futures, keep their family healthy, or fear you don’t value them. Don’t let that happen by offering a competitive benefits solution. If you’re worried it may be too expensive but still want to recruit and retain employees, we can assist. Our advisors will work with you and your team to construct an employee benefits program that makes sense for your company.

Examples of employee benefits:

  • Group health insurance and dental & vision insurance 
  • Individual life insurance and key employee life insurance 
  • Annuities and 401(k) plans
  • Cafeteria plans 
  • Disability insurance


How We Help with Risk Management

Managing Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) isn’t often at the top of a business owner’s mind, and many business owners think TCOR includes the cost of insurance and that's it! Dean & Draper’s distinctive risk management strategies and innovative enterprise solutions have helped businesses like yours gain more control and consistency from their risk management programs. Our risk management philosophy is to employ a directed and robust program that’s customized for your organization..

Examples of strategies and tools we utilize:

  • Retained risk strategies
  • Loss modeling strategies 
  • Risk tolerance and risk mitigation strategies
  • Non-insurance transfer and insurer leverage 
  • Compliance tools and safety resources

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are one of the largest leading insurance agencies in Texas, serving the state and local areas for decades. However, despite being locally owned, we are a national insurance agency. Our solutions and specialties in risk management allow us to help individuals and corporations across the country!


We can help with several industries, including construction, transportation, energy, commercial real estate, non-profit, food, agribusiness, beverage, distribution, marine,  and education

Life is unpredictable and when disaster strikes, you want to know you’re covered. Paying to replace a valuable, make major repairs, or recover from a loss is nothing compared to the peace of mind that Dean & Draper can help you find.

Tell us about yourself! We’ll ask the right questions to guide our meetings and consultations. We’ll listen and we won’t push you to choose a policy that doesn’t work for you, whether it’s due to a timeline or budget.