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Commercial Insurance


Building Your Business Took Dedication

Find the tailored commercial insurance policy and plan that protects your success

Insurance can be expensive, confusing, and makes many business owners feel unsatisfied. We don’t want you to feel that way. Our team has decades of combined experience providing exceptional commercial insurance services to businesses like yours at affordable rates.

How do we do this? By investing in getting to know you and your business, so we know you’re getting the most out of your chosen programs. Together, we’ll:

  • Identify your needs
  • Analyze the available solutions
  • Build a timeline that works for you
  • Execute your programs
  • Review and optimize over time - we’re here for the long haul! 

Browse our commercial offerings below. 

Overview of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance is a must-have for any business, from mom and pop shops to contracting and construction. This type of insurance covers your business against the cost of bodily injuries or property damage caused by conditions at your building, operations in progress, and completed operations.

Why purchase general liability insurance:

Whether you’re managing employees, clients, suppliers, merchandise, and more, the possibility of accidents or lawsuits is always present. The team at Dean & Draper will ensure you understand all your risks -- regardless of your business size -- and help craft a policy that’s right for you and your company.

Overview of Commercial Property Insurance

The commercial insurance brokers at Dean & Draper know how rewarding it is to open a business and watch it grow. Let us help you protect it with the right commercial property insurance plan. Business property insurance coverage protects you and your company's physical assets and the continuity of your business operations regardless of whether or own, rent, or lease your building against claims dealing with property damage. Our policies cover all types of properties, including offices, warehouses, farms, construction sites, and ranches.


We can help find protection from perils like:

  • Fire, lightning, windstorms, and other weather-related disasters 
  • Damage caused by vehicle or aircraft accidents


  • Burglaries, vandalism, and other forms of civil disturbance
  • Other emergencies, including water damage from burst pipes or sprinkler malfunctions, and structural collapse

Overview of Commercial Auto Insurance

For many businesses, the use of corporate vehicles is a necessity. Whether you’re using a van to shuttle employees around, a truck to deliver products, or a semi to move heavy equipment, we can help identify an ideal auto insurance policy for your fleet. Our team will look at all the most important factors like driving history, amount of vehicles, and how often you use them. Additionally, we can cover cars, vans, trucks of all sizes, and flatbeds.

Coverage may include:

  • Collision coverage for you and other cars involved in the accident
  • Coverage for both uninsured and underinsured vehicles


  • Allowances for rental cars
  • Medical coverage for you and other drivers involved in your accident

Overview of Worker’s Compensation

The chance of accident and injury to your employees or workers under your supervision is always a possibility. With a worker’s compensation insurance plan in place, you can provide coverage for medical expenses, lost time/wages, and potentially save your company from fighting a hefty lawsuit.

Worker’s compensation coverage may include:

  • Medical care and rehabilitation related to an at-work accident
  • Medical care related to any diseases picked up on the job
  • Lost wages for employees who are forced to miss work


  • Compensation for other economic losses
  • Legal costs should the injured employee file a lawsuit against the company
  • Benefits to the dependents of employees killed because of on-the-job accidents

Overview of Professional Liability Insurance Policies

When you are a client-serving business, people come to you for your experience and advice in your particular industry. Your customers put their businesses in your hands, and may look to you for responsibility if a mistake causes them financial hardship. Professional liability insurance offers coverage for mistakes made by you or someone at your company.

Professional liability insurance coverage may include:

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance - policies taken out by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • Errors & Omissions (E & O) Insurance - policies taken out by legal representatives, financial advisors, real estate brokers, and others who deal with concrete facts and figures and who may therefore be more susceptible to clerical errors, accidents, or mistakes
  • Notary E&O - policies to help you when common everyday mistakes are made, saving you excessive damage costs should your mistake affect a business deal


  • Professional Liability for IT Companies - policies that handle intellectual property and security issues surrounding software, network systems, and other IT Products 
  • E&O for Architects and Engineers
  • Protection for mistakes in your designs and plans in the scope of your work

Overview of Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes, your company’s general liability insurance is too small to cover all the related costs associated with a corporate lawsuit. A business umbrella or excess liability insurance policy can provide the extra coverage you need that other typical commercial policies don’t include. In other words, if a liability claim is large enough to exhaust the limits of the general liability, product liability, or commercial auto policy, your commercial umbrella or excess coverage could kick in and handle the rest of your expenses. Our team can help you determine how much coverage you need at a competitive price.

Commercial umbrella insurance policies can cover liabilities such as:

  • Personal injury liability
  • Contractual liability
  • Vehicle liability, including aircraft & watercraft


  • Liquor law liability, and more
  • Excessive costs due to accident or theft on your commercial property

Overview of Commercial Bonds Insurance

A commercial bond can help assure your GC or client is paid when promised services are not delivered or if an employee decides to take from your company. Bond can even ensure you are appropriately licensed to perform work in local areas. From the smallest bonds to multi-million contacts, the Dean & Draper team can find the right solution.

Interested in purchasing a bond? Click this link. Need help with a completion bond? Fill out the form on this page to speak with a Dean & Draper associate!

We can help with these different types of bond insurance like:

  • Surety Bond - Surety bonds are contracts between two parties in which one party is legally obligated to perform the agreed-upon duties in the contract.
  • Contract Bond - Contract bonds guarantee the performance of obligations described in a written agreement between two parties.


  • Fidelity Bond - Fidelity bonds cover losses arising from employee dishonesty and essentially ensure that an employee will not steal from your company.
  • ERISA Bond - A bond that protects an ERISA plan against losses caused by acts of fraud or dishonesty.

Overview of Commercial Builders Risk Insurance

Buildings under construction can be damaged by accidents, robberies, and extreme weather, leaving the building owner liable for the costs. With a Builders risk policy, we can help make sure you aren’t left with costly building repairs, material replacements, and legal fees should damage affect your building site. If you aren’t the building owner, but the contractor, you can also purchase a risk insurance policy for protection. Whatever the situation, our team will help you choose a policy covering your building’s specific requirements.

Builders risk insurance policies may cover items including:

  • Theft of materials on-site, both installed and not-yet-installed
  • Damage due to fire, flood, wind, hurricane, and other weather-related incidents


  • Vandalism of the property or materials on-site
  • Accidents occurring on-site

Overview of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers insurance offers protection to a company’s directors and officers individually against lawsuits related to management decisions. Lawsuits against directors or officers have increased over time, and can potentially be so costly a business may shut down. Helping shield your corporate management can help protect your company as a whole.

Dean & Draper’s team can help find a policy to protect against:

  • Claims of financial mishandling 
  • Termination


  • Alleged discrimination

Overview of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

As more lawsuits from employees against their employers pop up, your business needs to be prepared. An employment practices liability insurance policy can help assure you have the proper coverage to protect you and your business.

Employment practices liability insurance covers issues related to:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination related to gender, race, disability, or age


  • Wrongful termination, and more

Overview of Commercial Flood Insurance

For homes and businesses located in low-lying Houston and throughout Texas and the Gulf Coast regions, flooding is a real and severe danger. It’s also a serious threat in other areas of the country. Flood insurance is not included in general liability insurance and often is excluded from property policies, so many turn a blind eye to it. At Dean & Draper, our goal is to ensure your business is fully protected against all threats, including operating within a flood zone.

Commercial Flood insurance covers issues related to:

  • Damages to the building itself as well as its contents, including furniture, machinery, and electronics

  • Clean-up and repairs that are necessary after the flood has subsided. This includes debris removal, floor cleaning, re-painting, and more.

Overview of Occupational Accident for Workplace Injuries Insurance

No matter what industry your business operates in, accidents can happen. Occupational accident insurance is an alternative to worker’s compensation. This type of insurance takes care of your employees and keeps your company financially stable at the same time. Independent contractors, like truckers and other drivers, can purchase occupational accident insurance as well. Although similar, Occupational Accident policies are not the same as Statutory Workers Compensation Coverage and our team can help you navigate the difference between both.

Occupational Accident policies can cover:

  • General medical expenses - up to their prescribed limit
  • Disability & dismemberment - both of which are designed to protect the victim and the victim's family in the case of lost work and income


  • Accidental death - which supports the families of the deceased

Overview of Transportation Insurance

If your business is always on the move (literally), you want to manage all the risks associated with your fleet. Whether you’re a single Owner Operator, Regional Materials Hauler, or manage a National Fleet, you need an insurer whose dedicated transportation team can keep you stay on the road. The Dean & Draper team will help build you a tailored program to protect your company.

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We are not looking to be a quoting machine.  We want to build partnerships and long term relationships with all our clients. This involves getting to know you in a series of personalized meetings, where we focus on developing a solution that will meet your needs and works with your timeframe. We’ll engage in meaningful conversation, ask the right questions, cultivate a partnership, empower you to make strategic decisions and execute your solution.

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