As Thanksgiving gets closer, we’re hearing more disturbing news about the epic growth of Covid-19 cases. We all would like to have a traditional Thanksgiving with our family and friends together in one place eating an array of food and having fun. As the Covid-19 numbers increase exponentially exercising caution appears to be the better choice.

Having a virtual Thanksgiving is the next best thing. We have compiled our research to give you some ideas for celebrating together virtually.

Stay Safe

We all know the basics for staying safe. We’re throwing in a reminder for good measure.

  • Wear your mask.
  • Wash your hands – frequently.
  • Social distance – at least 6 feet.

Send invitations

Since the party is going to be virtual, why not send electronic invitations? Be sure to include the time and virtual login information.


Allow each of your guests to prepare their version of a Thanksgiving meal. Then over your meal, ask each of them to tell everyone about the traditions of one of their dishes.

Recipe swap

Your guests are making dishes on their own this year, so spice things up by swapping recipes for your favorite side dishes and ask for their best recipes.

Virtual cooking

Remember how everyone gathers in the kitchen? You can continue that tradition virtually by cooking together. Set up the camera and start sharing your experience.

Spiritual solidarity

From a pre-dinner blessing of the meal to a moment of silence for a list loved on, and element of spirituality adds a warm touch to a virtual Thanksgiving gathering.

Set a place for the computer

Of course, you want to make it seem like you are all eating together, so set a place at your dinner table for the computer so you can video chat during the meal.

After dessert

Are you in a game playing family? The Internet is a great source of games that can be played virtually by large numbers of people. Bingo is a favorite in my family. The games usually have a small fee for playing.

Dean and Draper

We hope that you will have a wonderful, joyful, and safe Thanksgiving. Next week our blog will be about the history of Thanksgiving including some interesting facts.

We are thankful for our customers, the D&D Team, friends, and family.

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