bigstock-Urban-traffic-jam-in-a-city-st-106537532Texans generally believe that driving their cars whenever and wherever they want is an inalienable right. We thought you might find the results of WalletHub’s 2018’s Best and Worst Cities to Dive In research interesting. For their research, WalletHub selected the 100 largest cities and surveyed 29 key indicators.

We’re focusing on the 13 Texas cities that made the list. Beginning with the highest rating through the lowest rating, here’s the list:

2. Corpus Christi
5. Plano
8. El Paso
13. Arlington
14. Austin
16. Fort Worth
17. Laredo
29. Lubbock
36. Dallas
37. Irving
40. Garland
43. San Antonio
46. Houston

Of the Texas cities, Corpus Christi has the lowest annual hours spent in congestion per auto commuter. El Paso is on the lowest auto maintenance cost list. Garland has the distinction of being on the fewest car washes per capita list. Houston is on the list of most auto repair shops. And Laredo is listed on the lowest accident likelihood vs. the national average, lowest theft rate, fewest auto repair shops, lowest car washes per capita, and lowest auto repair costs.

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