We are never far away from our cell phones, right?  So how about adding what could be lifesaving apps? Our friends at AARP Magazine have produced a list of valuable - and mostly free - apps. We just had to share these great ideas with you.

The List

My SOS Family. This voice-activated SOS system sends your location to your selected contacts and automatically streams and records emergency video. Features a built-in siren. Android, iOS; free

Cairn. Designed for hikers, this app shares your planned route with loved ones and also calculates your estimated time of arrival, based on your speed and elevation change, for thousands of popular trails. Cairn allows you to download maps that point out where cell service is available, even when you're off the grid. Android, iOS; free

Dark Sky Weather. Worried about the weather right where you are? This app shows you hyperlocal weather info for the next hour. iOS; $3.99/lifetime

American Red Cross First Aid. Handy when you need valuable info on what to do in any common first-aid emergency. Also download free Red Cross apps for emergency weather alerts, earthquakes and floods. Android, iOS; free

Medisafe Medication Reminder. Your phone can remind you to take your medication, when your supply is running low, and potentially dangerous drug interactions. Caregivers get real-time missed medication alerts as well. Android, iOS; free

ICE Medical Standard. Inform first responders of your conditions, medications, allergies, and emergency medical contact information on your smartphone’s lock-screen display. Android, iOS; free

Noonlight. Silently calls for help to your exact location with the tap of a button. A trained operator at Noonlight's monitoring center will text and call you to verify the alarm. If you can't talk or don't respond, Noonlight sends 911 an alert that includes GPS location, profile information and even a picture of you. Android, iOS; free

Snug Safety. Living alone? You choose a time and this app checks in on you. Press the green check mark on the app and receive a quote of the day. Your emergency contacts are notified is you fail to check in. Android, iOS; free

Dean and Draper

The things we can do with a smartphone and a few apps are amazing. We hope these apps will be useful to you and your loved ones. When you want to tap into our wealth of insurance information, we’re only a phone call away.

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Source: AARP Magazine, 8 Smartphone Safety Apps That Could Save Your Life by Jeff Csatari, August 5, 2020 

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