As the Baby Boomers start hitting their 65th birthdays, we’re all realizing that we don’t want to simply age in place.  We want our lives to be full, exciting, energetic, and fun.  According to our friends at AARP Magazine, we’re never too old for recess and playing games can keep us young.  In fact, many studies indicate that playing isn’t just an enjoyable activity but also a good strategy to stay healthy.  Of course, before you run out to play, you might want to check with your physician to make sure you’re up for the challenge. 

So here are a few childhood games that we should resurrect. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Putting together jigsaw puzzles decreases anxiety, stress and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping the brain active with this type of hobby lowers beta-amyloid protein levels. This protein interferes with neuron function, contributing to the development of Alzheimer’s.


This old and famous “science game” helps create the neural connections we need throughout our lifetime so that we can think faster and more efficiently. It reduces the likelihood of having dementia and combats memory loss and depression. It’s also an excellent therapy after having a stroke.  

Board Games

Whether they involve strategy or are games of chance, board games are more than just entertainment; they also help people to stay focused and exercise their memory. In addition, they keep the mind sharp and, since they require several players, promote communication skills. 


Solving riddles and word puzzles is good for cognition and oral expression. Remembering questions and thinking of answers help both grownups and kids to exercise their brains. Riddles and word puzzles also stimulate conversation, which is a good tool to fight depression at any age. 

Blindman’s Bluff

Games involving sensory stimulation help cognitive performance and foster an improved, faster motor response after perception of a stimulus. Exercising our senses (such as touch) ensures a better quality of life should we at any time lose another of our senses (such as sight or hearing).  

Jump Rope

This is undeniably a fun activity at any age and particularly great for heart health. In fact, it’s considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It is excellent for losing weight and staying in shape, since doing it burns a lot of calories and tones muscles.

Outdoor Games

Playing outdoors combats stress and can be the best medicine, since it increases the body’s defenses by releasing endorphins — known as “joy hormones.” So don’t be afraid of looking silly — whenever you have the chance to go to a park, get on a swing, fly a kite or play baseball.

Family Fun, Too

Kid’s games are great for the whole family.  Engaging “kids” of all ages can create a great time for everyone. 

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