Ever blame your car when you get a ticket?  Well, maybe you should.  Of course, cars don’t get tickets, drivers do.  Yet, according to a recent study from, speeders frequently prefer the same model cars. 

Several factors play a role in an insurance carriers assessment of risk.  When they look at driving habits, someone with multiple speeding tickets is thought to be more likely to get into an accident than someone with a clean driving record.  Not to mention the cost of a claim for a high-speed accident that will be higher and have more property damage along with potential bodily injuries.

Wondering how your car ranks in the ticket competition?  Check out’s Ticket Magnet tool to analyze how many tickets your car make or model receives based on more than 323,000 drivers who use the site.

Naturally, we want to give you the Top 10 in both the Least tickets and Most tickets lists.

Cars that get the LEAST tickets

  1. Buick Encore – 3.2%
  2. Lexus IS350 – 3.4%
  3. Acura ILX – 3.4%
  4. Cadillac ATS – 6.2%
  5. Chevrolet Express – 7.7%
  6. Cadillac Escalade – 8.1%
  7. GMC Savana – 8.8%
  8. Audi A3 2 Series – 9.2%
  9. BMW 320i – 9.9%
  10. Land Rover and Range Rover -10.9%

Cars that get the MOST tickets

  1. Lexus ES 300 – 33.4%
  2. Nissan 350Z – 32.5%
  3. Dodge Charger – 32.1%
  4. Volkswagen Jetta GL – 31.4%
  5. Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS.LT – 30.8%
  6. Mazada 3S – 30.3%
  7. Volkswagen GTI – 30.3%
  8. Dodge Stratus SXT – 30.2%
  9. Acura – 30.1%
  10. Toyota Tacoma – 30.1%

Which cars are on the top of your list?

We found both lists interesting.  In fact, a couple of us were wondering where some other fast cars – driven by some of our speedy friends – fall in the rankings.  Here are a few we were curious about:

  • Chevrolet Corvette – 17.5%
  • Chevrolet Camero – 22.2%
  • Ford Mustang GT – 25.7%

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