While we’re all staying home and safe, we started wondering how working, learning, and staying home will impact our lives after the coronavirus.  Will it be possible to go back to an office or classroom after weeks of remote activity?  We have gathered responses to that very question and would like to share our results with you.

Home Work

Certainly, companies are recognizing that working from home is fairly easy for employees.  They are also realizing that their expensive commercial real estate may not be necessary.  Human resource people are discovering that workers are much happier without a lengthy commute to and from the office. 

Working from home will also allow employees to care for young children, older family members, attend events, and have a higher quality of life.  It will be difficult to bring everyone back to the office once they have found the freedom from a commute and occupying that cubicle all day.


As schools are closed for the foreseeable future, how is learning impacted by going virtual?  A blog post from World Economic Forum predicted much needed innovations in education could be a welcome result pf remote learning. If learning becomes available through the internet "at any moment or any time", then children may begin to view school as a truly immersive experience.  We are now experiencing renovation in education through games, interactive apps, and digital programs.


The question is will this crisis change the way we socialize with other people or is it a just a moment in our history?  Surely the answer isn’t easy since we are focused on being obsessive in our hand washing, sterilizing everything that doesn’t move, and treating our homes as a fortress against this virus.

Business Insider has some interesting questions on that very topic:

  • Will dress codes at offices get more casual?
  • Will any of us wear makeup anymore?
  • Will city-dwellers flee to the country permanently?
  • Will fast food workers and other essential employees finally get paid sick leave?
  • Will we all wash our hands properly from now on?
  • Will we keep streets closed to vehicles?
  • Will we habitually stay 6 feet away from people in public?
  • Will we stop hugging each other?

Dean and Draper

We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this new world everyday time.  We are only a phone call away when you have questions about your insurance.  Remember to wash your hands! 

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