As you are recovering from the food coma of the Super Bowl (see our blog Super Bowl LIII Food Binge), we thought you might appreciate a whole new thought on renting some high-ticket items instead of purchasing.  Our friends at AARP did the research and included some links to places to find these unique rentals.

A home on wheels

A new 19-foot RV will set you back $70,000 or more. Instead, rent 1 of 4 standard models from Cruise America or choose from hundreds of RV-rental listings by individual owners (available by the day, week or month) on sites such RVshare  and Outdoorsy.

Outdoors outfitting

Camping gear for a family can run well over $1,000. Plan B: Have a set shipped to your destination by Outdoors Geek or Gear to Go OutfittersMountain Side Gear Rental offers kits that include not only a tent and sleeping bags but extras like a cook stove and biodegradable camp soap (cost: $157 for three nights).

A better view

Going on safari? Rent a ­super-telephoto Leica camera lens for about $100 a week from (cost to buy: $1,600). Or capture some aerial footage of your home (and have a little fun with a grandchild). Try out a DJI Mavic drone from Camera Lens Rentals for $151 for three days (cost to buy: about $1,000).

Your personal egg dispenser

For really fresh eggs, rent chickens and a coop from sites such as Rent-A-Chicken or RentACoop. Two egg-laying hens from RentACoop, feed and gear cost $240 for four weeks. Expect about a dozen eggs a week (cost to buy a high-quality coop: $500; pullets, $20 apiece).  Editor’s note: complete package including live chickens delivered to your door.

Bling for the red carpet

For your special event, rent an 18-karat white-gold chandelier necklace, dripping with 4.31 carats of diamonds, from Adorn (cost to buy: $27,375). Have an active social calendar? A regular supply of jewelry from Flont runs $59 to $379 per month, depending on the cost of the items you wish to borrow.

Dean and Draper

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Source: AARP