“Deep Learning” is the key to autonomous vehicles according to a new KPMG report, I See. I Think. I Drive. (I Learn.).   This study states, “By 2030, a new Mobility Services Segment worth well over $1 Trillion will emerge for products and services related to autonomy, mobility, and connectivity.  The opportunity is massive!”

From a layman’s standpoint, deep learning is a high performance, dynamic way of computerized decision-making that can learn features, objects, and patterns automatically and more accurately with the more data you give it.

We selected four of the points in the KPMG Report that we found breathtaking in their concept, profound impact on the human experience, and challenging to our current status quo. 

From man to machine, deep learning is revolutionizing how we interact with our cars. Deep learning is swiftly transferring driving operation from man to machine. Already, semi-autonomous vehicles manage low-risk situations. And deep learning algorithms will be critical to achieving fully autonomous cars, able to navigate any circumstance.

Most car companies will not simply be automakers anymore. As deep learning accelerates autonomy, carmakers will make choices whether to remain pure automakers or to become mobility service providers, or both. The strategies automakers select will influence how much of the transport experience they participate in, what profit pools they access, and ultimately whether they thrive or survive as independent businesses.

Power of the fleet will eclipse the importance of the individual car. The interaction of the individual car with the fleet and ecosystem in which it drives will be essential to deep learning and autonomy. Connectivity will ensure constant interaction with the network: It is essential for localization mapping, operational mapping, routing, vehicle integrity, and the data on those precious miles, from which the entire fleet learns.

The nervous system will become the center of vehicle design. It is a new era in automotive product development and manufacturing - one that emphasizes the car’s nervous system - which includes the computer “brain”, sensors, controls for braking and driving, driver interaction, data storage, and over the air updates with increasingly smart neural nets over time - even more than the powertrain. This is an enormous shift in organizational structure and operating model for most car manufacturers.

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We will continue to bring you additional information on the autonomous vehicle front including more about “Deep Learning,” the pros and cons of two approaches, plus a look at each of the steps in the See, Think, Drive, and Learn process.  We hope that you have found this information interesting and useful. We also invite your response and thoughts in our Comments area below. 

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