According to the Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. survey graduating seniors and recent grads are clearly optimistic about their job prospects.  A May, 2020 online survey of 1,330 students shows that they are fairly optimistic about their career readiness.

Survey Observations

In this survey conducted by Barnes & Noble College Insights, key findings include:

  • Almost half of students (48%) are optimistic about finding a job within 2-6 months after graduating. Roughly equal amounts believe job searches will be shorter or longer than that – 15% expect to find a job within one month, while 14% expect it to take six months or more.
  • Seeking employment is still the most common next step for students completing undergraduate programs. Within six months of graduation, 62% of students expect to work at a full-time job, 27% a part-time job, and 22% a full-time internship.
  • Recent graduates are likely to keep to their expected career paths. More than half (56%) are confident they will be able to find a job in the field they want, compared to 24% who are uncertain.

Online and Virtual Learning

  • More than half of students say the transition to online learning (53%) and completely virtual interactions (52%) has negatively impacted their academic confidence.
  • Students report struggling to study from home, with 56% saying they are less motivated to get their work done.
  • 40% saying they now spend more time on homework.

Paying for College

  • Four in ten (44%) students say COVID-19 has impacted their ability to pay for college. This percentage is even higher for first-generation students, of which more than half (56%) are impacted.
  • Financial security is also a big factor when weighing career prospects, as the top concern for more than half of students (66%) is being able to find a job that meets their salary needs.
  • Repaying the college expenses needed to get them ready for their field is likely a major factor in this salary concern, as 58% say they are worried about being able to pay off their college debt.

Dean & Draper

As we all continue to discover yet another group of people are impacted by the Covid-19 virus, it appears that our students are strong in their positive thinking and enthusiasm for their futures. 

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Source: Barnes & Noble Education

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