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Just how much does it cost to have a Midlife crisis?  Of course that depends on how large a crisis you’re planning.  We have selected our favorite items from Jerry Kronenberg’s article, Cost of a good midlife crisis: $240,000.  To read the article, click here.

Tattoo: $150 - $250

What do you get for that price?   A baseball sized tattoo.  Normally women choose flowers or simple patterns that start around $100.  This idea is not for the faint of heart or those who have a low tolerance for pain.

Plastic Surgery:  $12,469

Men usually go for the Botox before graduating to the face and brow lifts.  Women tend to go big or go home with the full face or brow lift.  Don't expect your health insurance to pick up the tab, because health plans cover only medically necessary treatment, not cosmetic surgery except for things like breast-reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy.

Personal Trainer: $6,240

Naturally you want a body that matches the wrinkle free face, so add that trainer.  Typically a trainer charges about $60 an hour.  With four sessions a week in the ramp up phase of your training, that’s $240 per week for an estimated 6 months to get in good shape.  If you want to  go all the way to buff, add another 6 months.

Red Corvette Convertible: $73,211 plus $1,974 for insurance

In a midlife crisis, of course you’ll ditch that boring minivan for that sexy sports red car – is there any other color – with a Bose 10-speaker stereo and a 455-hoursepower engine with a drive out price of $73,211 according to .

An Affair: $2,664

According to a survey conducted by VoucherCloud, philandering Americans sped about $2,664 for a 6 month affair including $972 for dinners and drinks, $738 for hotel rooms, $414 for things like movie tickets, $324 for gifts, $216 for miscellaneous. 

A Divorce:  $50,000 (lawyer/filing fees only)

Philandering can get you in loads of trouble, so you may want to have a good lawyer handy.  The cost of a divorce depends on how complex and acrimonious your case is. 

Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp: $9,500

Maybe a fantasy is more in line with your vision.  Common offerings include flying planes, driving race cars, taking classes with celebrity athletes or entertainers.  At the Gene Simmons Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Calgary, Alberta the musically inclined get hotel accommodations plus the Headliner and Recording Packages that allow you to cut a record and do live performances with Kiss frontman Gene Simmons for $9,000.  Of course, you’ll want the Paparazzi Package with a photographer to capture every moment for an additional $500. 

Life Insurance: $6,800

Your affair and your rock-star lifestyle probably won't do much for your longevity, so you'll definitely need some good life insurance.  With the divorce you’ll probably have a new place to live, so you’ll need property or renter’s insurance.  Not to mention the red corvette. 

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