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Thanksgiving, that all American holiday is a few days away.  We thought a few trivia questions would be appropriate to spice up your meal.  The answers are below – no peeking!

  1. When was the first Thanksgiving celebration?  1492, 1567, 1621, 1777
  2. What great American statesman lobbied to make the turkey the national symbol?

    Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Andrew Jackson

  3. What sound does a female turkey make?

    Gobble, cluck, chirp, peep

  4. What sound does a male turkey make?

    Gobble, cluck, chirp, peep

  5. The dangling skin under a turkey's neck is called?

    Wattle, Weedle, Wuddle, Widdle

  6. Back in the early Thanksgiving celebrations, they also liked sporting events and took bets. Of course it wasn't football back then. Which sport was it?

    Shooting, Archery, Knife Throwing

  7. Approximately what percentage of American homes eats turkey on Thanksgiving?  

    49%, 67%, 82%, 90%

  8. What Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the colonists?
    Wampanoag, Sioux, Choctaw, Arapaho

  9. Who was their chief?

    Massasoit, Pemaquid, Samoset, Squanto

  10. Thanksgiving is celebrated only in the United States.
    True or False?
  11. The first department store to hold a Thanksgiving parade was:

    Montgomery Wards, J. C Penney’s. Gimbels, Macy’s, none of the above

  12. In what year did the first Macy's Thanksgiving parade take place?

    1864, 1894, 1904, 1924

  13. Which balloon was the first balloon in the 1927 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:

    Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, Superman

  14. Thanksgiving became a national holiday thanks to this woman who was an editor of a woman's magazine called "The Godey's Lady's Book":

    Sarah Hale, Sarah Parker, Sarah Bradford, Sarah Standish

  15. Which President was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a legal national holiday to be held the 4th Thursday in November?

    Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison

  16. Every year the President of the US pardons a turkey and it goes to a public farm called Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA.  Which president is believed to be the first to pardon a turkey and start this annual tradition?

    Andrew Jackson, Millard Fillmore, Harry Truman, Warren Harding

  17. The first meal eaten on the moon by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren was a roasted turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  True or False?

  18. Before being harvested and sold, an individual cranberry must bounce at least how many inches high to make sure they aren't too ripe?

    1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches

  19. Cranberries are native to North America. Which of the following fruits are also native to North America?

    Blueberries, Concord Grapes, Both

  20. In 1943, Norman Rockwell created his famous "Freedom From Want" illustration by using a Thanksgiving dinner as an example of this.  This illustration first appeared on which magazine?

    McCalls, Saturday Evening Post, Life

We hope you have some fun with our Thanksgiving Trivia.  We also wish you a warm and wonderful holiday.  Enjoy each other, eat well, and create some wonderful memories.  At Dean & Draper, we are grateful for our clients, friends, and families.

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Thanksgiving Trivia Answers

1. 1621; 2. Benjamin Franklin; 3. Cluck, 4. Gobble; 5. Wattle; 6. Shooting; 7. 90%; 8. Wampamoag; 9. Massasiot; 10. False, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, too; 11. Gimbels in 1920; 12. 1924; 13. Felix the Cat; 14. Sarah Hale; 15. Franklin D. Roosevelt; 16. Harry Truman in 1947; 17. True; 18. 4 inches; 19. Both; 20. Saturday Evening Post.