© JJAVA - Fotolia.comSure, eating dessert first sounds more interesting and fun than thinking about your own mortality.  Maybe you’ve been putting off reviewing your Life Insurance coverage or don’t have life insurance at all.  Are you thinking that you’re too young and healthy for life insurance?  It’s too expensive?  Discussing life insurance is just too depressing?  You’ll get around to it?  We all have excuses.  Instead of putting the discussion off and carrying a load of guilt, how about calling us tomorrow?  Then with the assurance that you’re covered, you and your family can eat dessert whenever you want. 

Life Insurance is…

  • An expression of love

  • About love and life and taking care of loved ones

  • Keeping the promises you made to those people you care about

  • Meeting responsibilities

  • Source of cash when it’s most needed

How about some good reasons to buy Life Insurance?  Here is the Top 10:

1. Income replacement
Proceeds from a life insurance policy can step in to pay the bills.

2. Burial and other final expenses
The loss of a loved one is hard enough without having to worry about funeral costs.

3. Mortgage protection
What about covering the mortgage?

4. Lock in a low premium at a young age
As people age, premiums increase. Today is the best time for you to buy life insurance.

5. Transfer wealth to family
Leave more money to your family with a life insurance policy as part of your estate.

6. A tax-advantaged way to build cash value
Realize tax advantages with policies that build cash value.

7. Provide funds for college education
Ensure that college loans are paid even if you’re not there to help.

8. Meet evolving needs with a variety of product options
As your family’s needs change, you may want to check out different type of policy or lower premiums to suit new life circumstances.

9. Supplement employer-provided life insurance policy
Employer-provided life insurance alone may not be adequate to cover your family's
financial needs.

10. Pay estate taxes and create estate liquidity
Life insurance may step in to cover your estate costs.

Since life is definitely uncertain and you want to take care of your family and loved ones let’s talk tomorrow.  Dean and Draper provides an array of life insurance to help you keep your promises.  We have the expertise to design exactly the right package for your circumstances. 

We will review your current coverage, determine if your needs are being met, and make appropriate suggestions for any changes.  Of course, our reviews are complimentary.

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