Include kitchen itemsInventory your clothes, too 

We all have one.  You know, the list of things that you “intend” to do when you get a chance.  All of the items on the “Intend” List are important.  They will make your life easier – either right now or at some point in the future.  In fact on more than one occasion, you have certainly have regretted the way you have treated your “intend” list. 

One of those things is on the “Intend” List that’s important and will pay off is an inventory of your possessions.  Imagine relying on your memory to list your household items after a catastrophe – yep, everything is gone.   Here’s a little test.  Without looking, list everything you have in your purse or pockets.  These are items that you carry every day, all day. 

It's very scary to trust everything you own to you memory. The best solution is to inventory of your possessions.  And you have choices of the manner you do this inventory. 

Manual Inventory.  Most time consuming and potentially the least accurate.  A manual inventory is just that – you moving around each room with a pen and pad, writing a description, estimated value, and serial number of the contents of your home. 

Smart Phone.  Here’s an idea.  Take digital pictures of your possessions.  You can even add descriptions to each photo.  Add a ruler to provide a sense of scale. 

Video Footage.  Now here’s an idea.  You walk around with a video camera taking shots of everything while narrating the sizes, value, and even photographing the serial number information.  Much faster! 

With any of these methods, be sure to open the drawers, boxes, closets, cabinets – anywhere you store your possessions.  You don’t want to forget Aunt Maude’s antique broach. 

When you have your inventory complete, be sure to store it in a safe place – the cloud, a thumb drive in your safety deposit box, in locked drawer at your office.  Have a copy of your inventory off-site just in case the copy at your home is not available. 

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