Foods You Can Freeze

Foods You Can Freeze

Ever have one of those weeks when, at the end of week, you have an assortment of dips and dabs of food left in your refrigerator? ... Learn more

Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

In 2020 Earth Day celebrated 50 years of promoting and extending environmental protection of our planet. We thought this year ... Learn more

The Race to Mars Misc

The Race to Mars

The race to Mars is on – again. Beginning on February 9, 2021 the United Arab Emirates’ orbiter reached Mars. In less than 24 ... Learn more

Snow in Houston Storm

Snow in Houston

Our current weather reports have stirred our curiosity about how many times we’ve had snow in Houston. Surprisingly since 1881 we ... Learn more

U.S. Coin Shortage Misc

U.S. Coin Shortage

We currently have a shortage of coins in circulation in our country and I’m inadvertently a part of the cause for that shortage. ... Learn more

Pets and Aging Pets

Pets and Aging

The great news is that having a pet can be good for us as we age. According to the results of a new University of Michigan-AARP ... Learn more

Holiday Safety Tips Misc

Holiday Safety Tips

It’s the Holiday Season and we’re all focused on getting everything done.  In the interest of safety, we invite you to take a ... Learn more

Black Friday 2019 Misc

Black Friday 2019

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Of course, we’re all thinking about the great food we will eat, being with family, football ... Learn more

2018 In Memoria Misc

2018 In Memoria

2018 seems to be a year when an amazing cross section of people died. We thought we would take this opportunity to share a ... Learn more

America's Best Drivers

America's Best Drivers

In the Allstate America’s Best Drivers study, Brownsville, TX, is the #1 city in the country for having the best drivers.  Based ... Learn more