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Freezing Pipes – Preventing and Thawing

Beef Up Your Passwords in 2018

Having a Safe New Year

Holiday Shopping Tips – Finding a Parking Space

Ideas for Stopping Christmas Delivery Thieves

Live Christmas Trees and Bugs

Tips for Safe Cyber Monday Shopping Sprees

Turkey Cooking and Safety Tips

The Great American Smokeout - November 16, 2017

History of Veteran’s Day

What’s Up with Your Pup?

14th National Prescription Take Back Day

Active Shooter Preparedness and Responses

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How to Spot a Flood Damaged Car

Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Constitution Day - September 17

Fun, Interesting Distractions for This Week

Hurricane Harvey – How Big Was It?

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Setting the Record Straight on Claims Filing Misinformation - Hurricane Harvey

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Returning to Normal After the Fire

2017 Solar Eclipse Watching Safety

6 Common Causes of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

4 Common Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss

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Where are People Moving?  Here’s the Top 10 Cities

Dean & Draper Welcomes Accomplished Executive Stephen B. Smith to Leadership Team

8 Things Your TSA Agent Won't Tell You

8 Good for You White Foods

Fourth of July Closure Notice

Independence Day – Celebrating Our Freedom

Almost Phished – Close Call from a Scammer

Forecast: Sunny and Hot – Time to Put Sunscreen On, Too

Flag Day, June 14

Texas is Home to 5 of the Top 10 Tornado-Prone Counties in the U.S.

Memorial Day Holiday Purpose and History

Tips on Aging in Place

Emerging Risks Report: 4 Emerging Risks to Watch in 2017!

7 Ways Auto Technology is Impacting Insurance Coverage...

Funny texts from Mom... These are absolutely priceless! Happy Mother's Day from the Dean & Draper Insurance Agency

Food vs. Medications

13 Last Minute (But Still Amazing) Mother's Day Ideas

G.O.P. Bill Could Affect Employer Health Coverage - New York Times Press Release - May 9, 2017

5 Year Trends in Artificially Intelligent "AI" Marketing

Deep Learning and Autonomous Vehicles

10 Habits of The Most Confident People

Is Your Car a Ticket Magnet?  Check Out the Rankings

What Employees Need Most: Pay, Benefits & Other HR Programs in 2017

Top 12 Employer-Provided Benefits of 2017...

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How to Talk with Your Doctor

"Five Ways the industrial internet-of-things (iot) will revolutionize the oil & gas industry"

Earth Day 2017

6 Simple & Super Effective Ways to Maximize Your Business Growth...

Take Your Vacation Without the Scammers

Why Paying Close Attention to Cybersecurity is Imperative for Business Owners...

What’s Covered and What’s Not – a Look at Homeowners Insurance

Smartphone Scams – On Going Issue

Misconceptions About Driverless Cars

National Women's History Month

Let's Rodeo!

7 Surprisingly Germy Places You Touch Every Day

Ideas for Funding a College Education

The Cost of Romance – A Look at Valentines Spending

Houston Super Bowl Trivia

4 Ideas to Protect Your Business in a Natural Disaster

7 Household Items with Multiple Purposes

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Small Changes Mean Good Weight Loss

Standing on the Edge of Making New Year Resolutions

Holiday Food Safety Tips

Holiday Crime Prevention

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Tips for Shopping Safely on Cyber Monday

Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving Turkey Safety Tips

Change Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Credit Card Information Hacking

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

Live on Less Than $40K – 10 Great Places

Columbus Day History

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Over 250,000 Flood Damaged Cars on the Road Today

Playing Childhood Games Keeps You Young!

National Preparedness Month – Part 2 Communications

September is National Preparedness Month

Labor Day Holiday History

What Do 5 Major Car Makers Have in Common?  Driverless Cars!

5 Olympic Events You Probably Haven’t Seen

Getting Ready for Retirement with Life Insurance

Watermelon - Things You Don’t Know

Summer in Texas – One Heat Wave After Another

Pokemon Go – Injury Magnet?

High-Tech Car Thieves

Celebrating the 4th of July

Disaster Plan for Pets

The History of Father's Day

Going Outside with the Zika Mosquito

Top 10 Dogs Likely to Increase Insurance Cost

Where Does Your Time Go at Work?

4 Ways Your Car Windshields Will Change Soon

2015 the Deadliest Driving Year in a Decade?

Things You Should Never Apologize For...


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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Sleep Myths & Signs You Aren’t Sleeping Enough

Our Newest Obsession - Online Browsing

What Conditions Must Be Met to Fix the Value of Your Business for Estate Tax Purposes?

Tips for Purchasing Cyber Breach Insurance

Spring Cleaning is for the Garden, Too

Second Counts – Get Ready for the Ambulance

Oscar Trivia

Staying Productive Without the Internet

A Valentine's Kiss Is Just a Kiss, Right?

Tell Me about Renter’s Insurance

Super Bowl 50 - 10 More Amazing Stats

Succession Planning with Life Insurance

Driverless Car Update

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

How to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Worst Day of the Year for Drunk Driving – Tips for Staying Safe

Keeping Food Safe and Your Guests Healthy

Shopping Safely at the Mall

Fireplace Safety – Tending Your Chimney with Care

Safety First on Cyber Monday

Tips for Being a Great Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

12 Ideas for Increasing Your Productivity

Life Insurance as a Potential Private Source of Cash

Tips for Dealing with Road Rage

Buying a Safe, Affordable Vehicle for Your Teen

Tips for a Fun, Safe Halloween

Going Pink!  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Life Insurance as a Strategy for Reducing IRATax Burden

Reducing Workplace Injuries is Good for Business

Back to School – Safety Tips for Students and Drivers

9 Foods to Improve Your Vision… It’s not just carrots anymore.

Food and Drugs Interacting! Who Knew?

How Does Long-Term Care Insurance Work?

Stepping Into the Future With Dean & Draper Insurance Agency

Stay Safe During a Hurricane

Hot Weather Health Emergencies

Tips for Staying Cool in the Texas Heat

Tech Trends for 2015 - Tech Alert

To Buy or Not to Buy Rental Car Insurance

Combating Cybercrime on a SMBs Budget

Vacation Security for You Home

Home-Based Business Insurance


Lightning Safety & Insurance Coverage

6 Game Changing Medical Tests


Summertime Bugs, Bites, Stings, and Burns

Living Benefits for Life Insurance

8 Ideas for Keeping Your Cell Phone Charged in a Power Outage


Is Ridesharing Too Good to Be True?

Top 10 Business-Friendly States

Memorial Day Driving Projections Highest in 10 Years

Dean & Draper Receives PURE’S Paragon Designation

Hurricane Season – Quiet or Not?

Top 10 Sates for the Most Costly Homeowners Insurance Rates

Facts and Fiction about Long Term Health Care

Distracted Drivers Did What?

Flood Insurance Changes on April 1, 2015 are No Joke

Traveling With Your Laptop – Keeping Your Data Safe

Live Long and Well - Taking Great Care of Yourself

How to Know if You Need Cyber Liability Insurance

Life Insurance as a Tool During Business Liquidation

The Economics of a Midlife Crisis

Too Much Clutter?

Tech Alert - Anthem Cyber Attack

Get Fit Right at Your Desk - Stay Healthy & Reduce Stress

Driverless Car Update

Life Insurance - Unraveling the Choices

2015 Best Cities for Job Searching

Wondering What Can Cause Your Car Insurance Rates to Soar?

2014 Blog Topics in Review

December Celebrations – American Melting Pot

11 Days Until Christmas Shopping Plan

10 Ideas to Reduce Holiday Stress

Holiday Home Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

Clean Out Your Wallet This Holiday Season

Insurance Myths – Houses, Red Cars, and Big Crashes

Home Cooked Thanksgiving Meal Could be Risky Business

Selling to Millennials: Just Who are They Anyway?

Who Knew? Curious Uses for WD-40

October is National Cyber Security Month

Health Alert – Ebola Virus in Texas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Health Expenses, Health Insurance, and Saving Money

Dust Off That Disaster Recovery Plan

New Arena for Hackers – Driverless Cars

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Off-Campus Living and Renter’s Insurance

Small Business at Big Risk for Cyber Attacks

Drugs That May Cause Memory Loss

Nanotechnology in Every Part of Our Daily Lives

Long-Term Care Insurance

Doing the Next Right Thing – Health & Safety

Rental Car Insruance Coverage

Protect Your Skin and Look Younger

Houston Tops Road Rage Survey

Boost Your Brain Power

5 Megatrends That Will Revolutionize Insurance

Snack Your Way to a Better Night’s Sleep

And It’s Hurricane Season Again!

4 Ways Insurance Might Respond if Godzilla Attacks

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

On the Road Again...

Tech Alert - Cyber Risks for Business

Determining Key Employees’ Value to Your Business

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Effective Complaining – Getting Your Issue Resolved

Gross Things to Throw Away – Tips for Spring Cleaning Your House

Continuity and Executive Benefits – Business Owner Bulletin

Distracted Driving – More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

IIAH Honors the Late Bob Dean With Outstanding Service Award

CryptoLocker – Tech Alert from Dean & Draper

How do I determine if I have sufficient flood insurance?

Springing Forward Calls for a Battery Change


Target Corp. Cyber Breach Update

Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert 2nd, Get Life Insurance 1st

Think Your Car Insurance is Expensive? Check Out the Top 10 Cities

Driverless Cars - Big Safety Initiative?

Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value Insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Texas Laws & Saving Money on Auto Insurance Premiums

The "Intend" List - Insurance Inventory

Put Another Log on the Fire - Home Safety

Kyle Dean Succeeds the Late Bob Dean as President and CEO of Dean & Draper

Auto Insurance Goes Digital in Texas

Dean & Draper Insurance Agency Ranked Third Largest Houston-Area Property & Casualty Insurance Agency by Houston Business Journal

Are You Eligible for a Health Insurance Subsidy?

Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damage But You Can Help Prevent It

NICB Warns Home Insurance Customers About Fraud During Storm Season

Reasons Why Minimum Texas Auto Insurance Limits May Not Be Enough

Benefit Solutions to Host Next Health Care Reform Seminar May 16

Dean and Draper Promotes Education at UHD

Federal Budget Mess Impacts Commercial Insurance Costs

Comparing Home Insurance Providers In Order To Personalize Your Policy

Dean & Draper Insurance Agency Announces Affordable Care Act Seminar for Employers

Is Your Insurance Company Financially Stable?

Is Your Home-Based Business Covered by Your Home Insurance Policy?

Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance

Getting Auto Insurance For Your Teenage Driver.

Getting it Right: Dean & Draper Named among Nation's Top 10

Auto Insurance - When to consider increasing your liability limits

Does Your Commercial Insurance Cover Lost Income?

Auto Insurance - What to do when an accident happens

Why You Need Health Insurance

Employee Benefits Are Beneficial to Companies Too

Texas Home Insurance is a Necessity

Understanding Home Insurance Valuation Clauses

Home Insurance Tips For Home-Based Businesses

Don't Forget Your Carbon Monoxide Alarms

End Of Year Tips For FSA Employee Benefits Holders

Why You Should Review Your Commercial Insurance Regularly

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Your Child Attending An Out-Of-State School?

Auto Insurance - The Police Said They Won’t Come Out To The Accident Scene

Clothes Dryer Fires Cost $35 Million a Year

Employee Benefits Bring In The Best Employees

Health Insurance Coverage Is Better Than an Apple a Day

Houston Tops Forbes List Of America's Coolest Cities To Live

Modern-Day Heists: Top 10 Collectibles at Risk

Detailed Analysis of Supreme Court Ruling

This is what a hail storm looks like up close and personal

New study shows region's extreme wind risk in a monster storm

Consumers Are Eager For Life Insurance Coverage

Dean & Draper Insurance Agency Takes Home the 2012 Automation Excellence Award

Employees desire disability coverage

Five Tips to Prevent Boating Claims

Maintain a Robust Credit Score

Six Questions to Ask When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

Avoid Costly Insurance Mistakes

Reduce Your Exposure to Residential Fire Losses

How does a house catch on fire in a wildfire? Watch and learn ways to prevent it from happening.

Prepare For Disasters Before They Happen; Know The Claims Filing Process

Tropical Storm Don edges closer to Texas

Can I get insurance if I rent my home?

Hidden home insurance loopholes can shock you

Protect Your Landscape Investment

Antique Insurance Coverage: What Collectors Need to Know

Winter Storm Warning: 2-5 inches of snow expected to fall in Houston

Dean & Draper Recognized for Employee Workplace Satisfaction

Dean & Draper pursues growth, acquires esteemed John S. Dunn & Son Insurance Agency

Claims Filing Advice for Homeowners Affected by Hurricanes, Wildfires and Other Disasters

Healthcare Reform laws taking place in 2010

What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)?

Troipcal Storm Bonnie threatens Florida

Flood Insurance Program Back in Business Until Sept. 30

Nation's Flood Insurance Program Remains in Limbo

Over The Counter no longer Eligible after 01/01/2011

Are You Shopping for a New Home? Take into Account the Insurance Implications of Buying a Specific House

House aims to extend flood insurance program

Lessons Learned To Help Coastal Residents Prepare For 2010 Hurricane Season

Leading by example - How to get the most out of your employees

Stop Gap Coverage

A Rising Need for Flood Insurance Is in the Forecast

Claims Characteristics of Workers Aged 65 and Older

Don't get snookered by fake "roof damage" scams

Data Show That Automatic Enrollment in 401(k) Plans Has Led to Higher Match Rates from Large Plan Sponsors

Where Auto Insurance is Most Expensive

The Combo Annuity/LTC Driver

Has Your Business Been Affected by Severe Winter Weather?

Flood Insurance program extended until May 31, 2010

Keeping Your 401(k) on Track

New Rules Govern Employee Stock Purchase Plans and Incentive Stock Options

Evaluate Your Home’s Need for a Lightning Protection System

How Satisfaction Levels Vary by Type of Health Plan

Flood Concerns Rise as Forecast Calls for Heavy East Coast Rainfall

Labor Weighs In On Schedule C Comp Reporting

Older Americans Staying Longer in the Work Force

How Out-of-Pocket Costs Affect Satisfaction with Health Plans

Employers, Workers, and the Future of Employment-Based Health Benefits

One Occurrence or More?

Severity of Haiti Earthquake Offers Reminder of U.S. Vulnerability to Same Type of Natural Disaster

Show Care in Employing Domestic Workers

As You Settle into the New Year, Remember That Changes in Your Life May Mean Changes in Your Insurance Needs

Medicare and Workers Compensation Medical Cost Containment

Is Your Business Properly Insured? Find out by Asking Your Insurer the Four Most Important Questions

Workers Compensation and the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Changing Role Of Voluntary

The 2010 Retirement Confidence Survey: Confidence Stabilizing, But Preparations Continue to Erode

401(k) Plan Pluses and Minuses: How Does It Add Up?

The 80% Solution: Broadening Supply-Chain Risk Management as Practical Enterprise Risk Management

Consumer-Driven Health Plan Participants Display Cost-Conscious Behavior, Utilize Wellness Programs

Impact on Utilization From an Increase in Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits

Tiny Objects, Big Concerns

Stock Drop Litigation - An Overview

Personal Liability Exposures and the Homeowner Policy

Don’t Let an Underground Storage Tank Destroy Your Savings Account

Fire Legal Liability Insurance

How Common Is Paid Sick Leave in the United States?

How Credit Card Debt Changed from 2004–2007, by Age Group

Longevity Risk Invites Annuity Solutions

Loans from 401(k) Plans: How Many, How Large?

401(k) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances, and Loan Activity in 2008

Fiduciary Liability—Estates and Trusts

Employment-Based Retirement Plan Participation: Geographic Differences and Trends, 2008

Employer Contributions Shifting in Consumer-Driven Health Plans

Increasing Audit Activity Encourages Further Review of 409A Compliance

Availability, Contributions, Account Balances, and Rollovers in Account-Based Health Plans, 2006–2009

Concerned About Uninsured Drivers? There Are Ways to Protect Yourself

Purchase Special Insurance for Your Home-Based Business

Winterproofing Your Home Can Prevent Disaster—And Save You Money

Preparing Your Organization for Risk, Threats and Opportunities: The Importance of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM) Education

Indemnity Benefit Duration, Maximum Weekly Benefits, and Claim Attributes

Risk Management-Why and How

Dean & Draper Insurance Agency Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study

Most Expensive Cars to Insure

What You Need to Know about Health Savings Accounts

Mr. Robert (Bob) F. Dean, CEO of Dean & Draper, recognized to receive the Reagan Medal

Flood Insurance Can Avoid Washout

Dean & Draper Wins President’s Award from America First

Dean & Draper Featured in Intown Magazine

Dean Draper makes Insurance Journal Top 100 Highlights Nation’s Largest Privately-Held Independent Agencies

Deborah Foster Joins Dean & Draper

Houston Ben H. Moore Agency Joins Alpha Omega Insurance Group