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In Texas we have been blessed or cursed, depending on your point of view, with record rain for the entire month of May – enough to cover the whole state with 8 inches of water.  Nearly everyone has had to wait out flooded streets, creeks, and rivers.  Of course we all phone home to let our near and dear know where we are.  And so the drain on the cell phone battery begins. 

We thought some tips on conserving cell phone battery life would be useful as you are waiting for the water to recede around you.  Our sources for the excerpts for this blog, click on 5 Ways to Keep Your Phone Charged in a Power Outage by Doug Gross, CNN and 15 Tricks for Getting Way Better Smartphone Battery Life by Ben Taylor,   

Top 8 ideas for Keeping Your Phone Charged

Laptop Battery

Use your laptop as a battery for your cell phone.  Of course that means you have to plan ahead and have your USB cord with you. 

Juice Packs  

Purchase for $100 or less and they are available for both Apple and Android devices. Alternately, battery-powered backup chargers can provide several full charges for your mobile devices after the usual electrical options are gone.

Disable background app data for all non-essential apps.

Many apps run in the background, even when you’re not using them. This makes sense for things like email and social media.  Do you really need your games, notes, and music players gobbling up battery resources 24/7?  Turn off notifications for all but your most important apps.

Sure, you want your text messages to come through on your lock screen, but do you really need every MLB score from across the league? You can even customize your notifications down to where they appear, from banners to sound alerts to the lock screen.

Closing Apps

Apps that run in the background, track your location or send you push notifications can end up being a big drain on your battery. Each of those problems can be addressed individually, but why not just delete those dozen apps you used once in 2013 and haven’t touched since

Stop Your Phone from Checking Your Location

GPS navigation sucks the juice right out of your device.   After all, your phone is working constantly to track your spot on the map.

Don’t obsessively close apps

For years, “close all your apps” was the most popular battery saving tip in the world of smartphones. When you leave an app open in the background, then access it a little later, your phone is smart eno

ugh to let you pick up where you left off, with minimal harm to battery life. If you keep closing and re-opening the same apps all day, you end up taxing your phone a whole lot more than necessary. It’s a little like turning off and starting up your car every time you hit a stoplight.

Airplane mode

If all else fails, there’s still good old Airplane Mode. It might render all your phone’s bes

t features useless, but it’s guaranteed to stop the bleeding. After all, a smartphone gone dumb is still better than a smartphone gone dead.

We hope that you have survived the month of May here in Texas.  If you have dama

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