Chances are, your company has a vital employee, shareholder, or executive around whom the business is based. The loss of this person could mean the loss of a key investor or the person responsible for the unique product you offer.

In the unfortunate event that a key employee at your company dies, the last thing you need is for turmoil to take over. A Dean & Draper key employee life insurance policy (also known as key man life insurance or key employee life insurance) is designed to help your company recover from the financial loss resulting from a vital employee's death.

What is a Key Employee Life Insurance Policy?

With key employee life insurance policies, your business pays all the premiums and is the beneficiary of the life insurance policy on the key employee's life. If the employee dies, the proceeds are paid to your business to use as it wishes. The benefit, which is tied to the value you've placed on your employee's impact to the bottom line, can be used to hire and train a replacement or to pay other business expenses.

To avoid financial ruin due to the untimely death of one of your most important employees, you can depend on a key executive life insurance policy from Dean & Draper.


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