Dean & Draper knows that it takes more than apples and carrots to keep your teeth healthy and your vision clear. We will be pleased to help you determine which dental and vision policies you need to make your health coverage complete.

Employee Dental Insurance

There are several types of individual employee dental insurance coverage available to Texas businesses as well as individuals in need of their own care. These include:

Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO)

A DMO plan requires you to select a primary care dentist as well as receive all dental care within your plan's network.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) / Participating Dental Network (PDN)

As with individual or group health insurance, a PPO / PDN family dental insurance plan features lower costs if you choose dentists within your plan's network, although doing so is not required.

Dental Indemnity

The most flexible dental coverage available, Dental Indemnity allows you to visit any dentist in the United States without referral. While this plan requires no copay, most Dental Indemnity plans only cover up to a specified amount.

Employee Vision Insurance

As vision problems are a common disability in the United States, most employees would likely benefit from having eye care insurance as part of their core insurance package. Most Texas employee vision insurance plans cover items like prescription glasses and contact lenses, general eye exams, and even laser eye surgery.


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