Our current weather reports have stirred our curiosity about how many times we’ve had snow in Houston. Surprisingly since 1881 we have had 94 snow events in Houston. We are in Houston’s Snow season right now, however insignificant it may be.

Valentine’s Day

In 1895 the largest of all snowstorms hit Houston with 20 inches of snow over 2 days. The massive storm dropped snow from Tampico, Mexico across the Gulf Coast states to Pensacola, Florida setting records in New Orleans and Alabama along the way.

Snow Returns in 1929

After a 34-year absence, 2.5 inches of snow fell in Houston on December 21 – 22.

Powder in the 1940s

In January 1940 Houston received 3 inches of snow. Again, in January 1949 2.6 inches of snow fell on Houston.

2nd Largest Snow

On February 12, 1960 the second biggest snowstorm dropped 4.4 inches of snow.

1973 Three Snows

January 11 - 2 inches, February 9 & 10 1.4 inches, and February 17 % 18 1.4 inches.

17 Snow Events in 1980s

The most snow in the 1980s fell on December 22, 1989 with 1.7 inches.

The 1990s

During the 1990s, Houston did not record any snow events.

White Christmas

On December 24, 2004, snow developed and spread over much of southeast Texas. South of the I-10 corridor from Victoria to Richmond to Galveston 6 to 12 inches of snow created the first White Christmas in portions of southeast Texas in recorded history.

Rain Changing to Snow

On December 4, 2009 sloppy rain changed to snow dropping 2 - 5 inches from Edna to Richmond. About an inch fell over Houston.

Earliest and Latest Snowfall

A new record was set for the earliest snowfall when trace amounts of snow fell Nov. 13, 2018, making it the earliest observed snow on record. The latest was in 1932 where we got a little less than an inch on March 10.

Monthly Average

By month, 35 percent of all Houston snowfalls happened in February, 32 percent in January and 30 percent in December.

Dean and Draper

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