As we are moving closer to conquering Covid, the restless feelings about being confined and behaving ourselves are seriously challenging. That scenario has led us to looking for different and somewhat outrageous ideas. To sample our selections, see our list below.

Things to Do

Paint your front door. It’s not a big project and gives your home a flashy (or not) new look.

Let the kids cook. Okay, maybe it’s more helping than cooking. You never know when you could be nurturing a future chef.

Rent a scooter. Zooming around the neighborhood for a couple of hours could be just the ticket for some fun time outside.

Amateur stargazing. On a clear evening, hopefully away from city lights, check out the sky. For some help in determining what you are seeing, check out SkyView Free in the app store.

Build a cardboard castle. Great idea for engaging kids. Get a large appliance box from a big box store, flatten it, and cart it home. Gather all the Amazon delivery boxes you have hanging around. Add scissors, tape, glue, and paints. Cut out doors and windows. Be as creative as you can stand.

Make a video for YouTube. Share your knowledge with a how-to video. Put a short, useful, and entertaining script together. Get your phone or camera out, check out some apps for online editing, and you’re ready for “Action.”

Try Geocaching. What? It’s part outdoor adventure, part treasure hunt. If you have a smartphone, you’re ready to go. Take a look at for geocaches in your area. Type in your address where you are starting you search, and you’ll probably find a few geocaches in that area. A quick look at the website today resulted in a reported 3,982 geocaches in the Houston area.

Free Films on YouTube. Search for “Full Movie” in YouTube and you will see dozens of free films to watch. You might want to check Rotten Tomatoes for reviews.

Hopscotch. Remember getting out the chalk and drawing those lines on the concrete? How about teach the kids in your life how to plan? If you need a refresher course, check out this basic guide.

Learn to Juggle. A fun and healthy pastime, juggling is also a way to impress your friends. Check out Lifehack’s Guide for the basics.

Dean and Draper

We hope you found our list of ideas interesting, challenging, and close to outrageous. We’re hoping to see you out there trying out some of the activities with us.

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