Our 4 step process is designed to give you a blueprint for insurance success

You wouldn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) on building a new home or office without using a blueprint, so why should you have to spend that much or more on your insurance program without a plan?

How does the 4 step process look in action?

  • Process Overview: we will discuss with you how the Dean & Draper blueprint process can help create a long term plan for your company's risk management success.

  • Discovery Process: we will sit down with you and your team to take an in-depth look at your operations, exposures, and risks in order to start developing a framework from which we can start to build a long term plan around.

  • Whiteboard: using what we learn throughout the Discovery Process, we gather our team internally to build your company a customized risk management blueprint.

  • Blueprint Delivery: our team will present the design to you, finalize the specifics with your team, and work on implementation and execution.

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