Super Bowl 50 - 10 More Amazing Stats

Posted on Sun, Jan 31, 2016

Fotolia_4871771_XS.jpgWith the hype around next Sunday’s Super Bowl Game, we thought you real fans might be hungry for more stats.  Jordan Heck at Sports Network Omnisport has come up with some interesting ones. 

And in case you’re watching the game for the commercials, here’s a look at the Top 50 Super Bowl Commercials from 2000 – 2015.

And now for more amazing stats

  1. The age difference between Peyton Manning (39) and Cam Newton (26) is the largest between starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. The difference is 13 years and 48 days, beating the previous high of 12 years and 250 days when Manning faced Russell Wilson in 2013.
  2. The winner of this Super Bowl will be the eighth different winning team in the last eight seasons.
  3. Peyton Manning became the only quarterback to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl multiple times. Super Bowl 50 will be Manning's fourth time at the big event, with two appearances each as a member of the Colts and Broncos.
  4. Just five years ago these teams had the top two picks in the NFL Draft. Carolina selected Cam Newton while the Broncos selected Von Miller. Both players are key components to their team's success. Also, this will be the first time the No.1 overall pick and No. 2 overall pick from the same draft will face each other in the Super Bowl.
  5. Both of these teams made the Super Bowl with the coach they hired after firing John Fox. Carolina with Ron Rivera and Denver with Gary Kubiak.
  6. This is the first Super Bowl matchup featuring opposing starting quarterbacks who were selected No. 1 overall. Only six quarterbacks selected first overall have won the big game: Terry Bradshaw (4), Troy Aikman (3), Jim Plunkett (2), John Elway (2), Eli Manning (2), Peyton Manning.
  7. For the third straight season, the top seeds from each conference will face each other in the Super Bowl. This was a rarity as it only happened nine times prior to this stretch, and just three times before 1990. The NFC has won eight of 11 such matchups and the favorites have gone 8-3 against the spread, which has to be good news for Panthers fans.
  8. The Panthers are one of 13 teams that have never won a Super Bowl. They only have one other appearance, which was in 2003. No one from that team is still on the roster, and only two (Julius Peppers, Steve Smith) are still in the league.
  9. Cam Newton can become the third quarterback (Joe Montana and Joe Namath) to win a National Championship and a Super Bowl as a starting quarterback. He can also become the first quarterback to win the Heisman, national title, MVP and Super Bowl.
  10. Peyton Manning is tied with Brett Favre with 199 career wins (regular season and postseason combined). If he wins the Super Bowl he can hold the all-time record.

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