In the midst of the Holiday Season we are surrounded by circumstances and events that wreck our calorie intake.  December comes in at the top of the weight gain list. 

A recent article in Forbes Magazine offered a list of America’s Top 10 Most Caloric Holidays.  Not surprisingly, Christmas is #2 with an average of 4,000+ calories – Thanksgiving came in first. Like Thanksgiving, these meals can often be spread over the course of the day and include leftovers of the same high-calorie items, as well as those traditional beverages. So, we decided to bring you some suggestions on making smart eating choices. 

Beware of the Alcohol

When you’re celebrating the season, you may tend to drink more alcohol.  Those alcoholic beverages also have a calorie count from 120 to 300 calories.  Not to mention that these tasty beverages will reduce your resistance to temptation.  Choose club soda instead. It has zero calories and sugar, unlike regular sodas and tonic water. 

Plan ahead

Eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch, then snag a small snack before the event. Have a high-protein or high-fiber snack—like Greek yogurt or veggies with hummus—about an hour before you go to the party.

Eat veggies first

As you build that plate, start with the vitamin-rich veggies and lettuce – be sure to eat every forkful of the salad. 

Don’t feel obligated to eat every bite


Just because the host made it and scooped it onto your plate doesn’t mean you need to spoon it into your mouth. 

If you don’t thoroughly love something, respectfully discard your plate, share it with a pal, or say you’re saving room for the delights to come.

Remember what the holidays are really about

When we get down to the bottom line, the holidays are about people – your family and friends.  Make them your primary focus and the food will come in second.

Dean and Draper

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and filled with happiness and joy.  When you have questions about your insurance, we have answers.  Our offices will be closed on Christmas Day so that our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families. 

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