What’s a National Month? Each month of the year has been claimed by groups as their month to promote or create awareness of their cause. By our count on the National Day Calendar, April has 37 National Months listed.

Topics range from National Fresh Celery and National Soft Pretzel months to the more serious like National Autism and National Child Abuse Awareness months. We have selected three subjects to highlight in this blog. To see the complete list of April Months, click here.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Yes, traffic has been less congested since Covid started and still the statistics show that 700 people are injured in distracted driving crashes each day in the U.S.

What is distracted driving? Anything that diverts your attention away from your driving – talking on a cell phone, reading or typing texts, kids or dogs in the backseat, and even chasing your dropped sunglasses.

Join the National Safety Council and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to promote safety by committing to driving distraction-free by taking the NSC Just Drive Pledge

National Safe Digging Month

bigstock-Male-Feet-In-Rubber-Boots-Digg-379875277Our area certainly took a beating from the freezes a month ago and are facing a lot if digging to replant our outdoor gardens. Our next national month could be a source for good advice on digging.

Every 6 minutes in this country an underground utility line is damaged by someone who started digging before calling 811? Putting in a fence, planting a tree, building a fence, or digging up dead shrubs? Save time and money by calling 811 for a survey on your property to show you where the power and water lines are in your yard.

For more information, Common Ground Alliance.


Canine Fitness Month

bigstock-Dog-Holding-Leash-In-Mouth-La-390060739If your dog is adding those Covid pounds, then this last April National Month is going to be helpful. Unfortunately, sedentarism has become the normal lifestyle for many dogs and their people. So let’s get moving.

Playing, being outside, engaging and moving. Canine Fitness Month encourages us to take a step toward developing a healthier lifestyle and bond with our four-legged family members.

ALWAYS: Check with your veterinarian to be sure your pet is healthy enough for exercise and find out what kind of diet routine Fido should be eating.

Here are some ideas for you and your dog:

  • Get walking. The weather is great right now and putting one foot in front of the other is good for both of you.
  • Throw a ball, stick or frisbee in a safe place.
  • Go to the dog park for fun and socialization.

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