Just in case you are looking for a new idea to perk up you week, we have a list of celebrations for each day of this week.  Some of the ideas are interesting and a bit silly others are serious or at least sort of serious.  We hope you have a smile or two in the process.

National Selfie Day, June 21

This year National Selfie Day and Father’s Day happen on the same day – how convenient!  We can combine the celebrations by taking selfies of our dads.  Selfies have a long list of ideas for inspiration including:

Car.  Either you are looking out at the interesting sights you pass or you as the focal point with your great car.

Bathroom – focus here.  We usually look our best in the bathroom after the combing and sprucing up and before the wind and rain outside.

Pet.  Of course, we’re taking selfie of our dogs, cats, parrots, lizards, and a host of those loving animals in our lives.

Babies.  Who can resist a cute baby?  Babies create big smiles, unexpected expressions, and loads of fun.

National HVAC Day, June 22

With the outside temperatures hitting the 90’s, we all need to appreciate those brave, intelligent, and determine people who fix that AC unit.  Not to mention going where none of us would like to be – the attic or crawl space and points in between.

In 2016, ARS/Rescue Rooter, a national provider of home services, created National HVAC Tech Day to show appreciation for all HVAC technicians in the industry.

National Hydration Day, June 23

During the heat of the summer, keeping your body hydrated can be critical to your health.  Since our bodies contain 60% water, National Hydration Day reminds us all to replace those fluids lost during outdoor activities.

National Hydration Day was founded in honor of football Coach Victor Hawkins (September 1, 1964 – June 23, 2012) who invented a mouthguard that releases electrolytes to keep his players hydrated during games and practices.

National Pralines Day, June 24

Pralines originated in France in the 17th century and were introduced in Louisiana in the 19th century where New Orleans chefs used pecans instead of the original almonds and added cream to thicken the candy. 

National Leon Day, June 25

June 25th is exactly 6 months from Christmas Day and is the day crafters begin planning their gifts and decorations.  By the way, Leon is Noel spelled backwards.  If you are missing cooler weather, June 25th is also a great day to have a Christmas in June party.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day, June 26

Take Your Dog to Work Day is the Friday after Father’s Day.  With respect to being home bound during Covid-19, most of us have our dogs at work daily along with the rest of the family.  So maybe celebrating this day could include a walk around the block, an extra treat, not taking a bath, and a few scratches behind the ears. 

Take Your Dog to Work Day originated in the United Kingdom in 1996.  Then in 1999, Pet Sitters International founded the first day in the United States.

National PTSD Awareness Day, June 27

This is a day to recognize the effects post-traumatic stress has on the lives of those affected by it.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has a profound effect on the lives of those who suffer from it.  According to PTSD United, 20% of adults in the United States who have experienced a traumatic event suffer from PTSD.

The United States Senate established PTSD Awareness Day in 2010 following then-Sen. Kent Conrad’s efforts honor to Army Staff Sgt. Joe Biel of the North Dakota National Guard.  Biel suffered from PTSD and took his life in April 2007 after returning from his second tour of duty in the Iraq War.  Biel’s birthday, June 27, was chosen to mark PTSD Awareness Day and honor his memory.

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